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You should always be polite to a police officer. Go with police if they arrest you. Identify yourself. Don’t answer questions whether on-the -record or off-the-record. Politely decline to talk. Ask to speak to 24 hour duty counsel. Police will persist in asking questions for many hours. You should persist in declining to answer for many hours.

If your child under age 18 has been arrested politely assist them. Don’t be an “assistant interrogator” helping the police. Your child has the right to ask to speak to you in private. Suggest a phone call to 24 hour duty counsel. Suggest that the child follow the advice of duty counsel to remain silent.

Eventually police will release you or bring you to Court the next day for a bail hearing. Duty counsel will help you at the bail hearing.

You will be required to attend for fingerprints and photo on a day specified. You must attend Court on the date stated in the Promise to Appear, another document, or told to you by a Justice.


You or a Family Member Have Just Been Arrested