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APRIL 1, 1984 TO MID-1994

The actual sentence imposed in any case will depend upon a number of factors. Please consult your lawyer so that you can carefully prepare for sentencing.

Fraud Under with A Prior Record
4333 15 F FRAUD UNDER $200 (OR $1000) PROBN
7084 13 M FRAUD UNDER $200 (OR $1000) PROBN
7503 14 M FRAUD UNDER $200 (OR $1000) PROBN+CSO HR 30 12
177 16
FRAUD UNDER $200 (OR $1000) PROBN+CSO HR 40 18
8587 14 M FRAUD UNDER $200 (OR $1000) PROBN+CSO HR 75 24
395 00
FRAUD UNDER $200 (OR $1000) [OPEN] DA 30 15
2298 15 M FRAUD UNDER $200 (OR $1000) [OPEN] MO 04 0
1002 15
FRAUD UNDER $200 (OR $1000) [OPEN] MO 06 12

This database contains digests of most of the age 12 to 15 sentencing dispositions made by the Provincial Court (Family Division) Youth Court Judges sitting at the Judicial District of Peel at Brampton, Ontario from the implementation of Phase I of the Young Offenders Act on April 1, 1984 until mid-1994. This report has held certain parameters constant such as offence, age, absence or presence of a previous record.

The dispositions digested in this report have been ranked in order of severity, i.e. by type of disposition, length of disposition, and length of probation in months. The order of severity used is ABS DIS (absolute discharge), CON DIS (conditional discharge), CON SUS S (suspended sentence), CSO (community service order alone), PROBN (probation alone), PROBN+CSO, [FINE], [OPEN] custody, [SECOPEN] (combination secure and open custody), and [SECURE] custody. RECORDC in some tables indicates whether or not the offender had a previous Youth Court record.

A full report containing non-identifying facts and details is available for a fee.

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